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To improve your self-esteem, take charge of your thinking


Our self-esteem is greatly influenced by our internal monologues. What we think about ourselves affects how we feel and what we do. It also has the power to shape our self-image in a positive or a negative way. In order to develop high self-esteem, we should speak kindly to ourselves and always choose helpful, encouraging and empowering self-talk. We should use positive statements when we speak about ourselves, reframe the negative ones and focus our attention on the positive qualities that we possess. Negative thinking can easily ruin our self-esteem if we are not careful enough, and therefore, we need to master our self-talk.

To improve your self-esteem, take charge of your thinking. Below are some quick tips on how to do this:


Quick tips!

  • Always be aware of your self-talk and do not allow negative thoughts and judgements to ruin your self-image.
  • Practice thought stopping and thought replacement. Each time you notice that you start thinking in negative terms about yourself or your abilities, stop these thoughts and replace them with empowering thoughts, i.e. thoughts that bring value to your self-esteem.
  • Refocus your attention on the good qualities that you possess.
  • Remember and appreciate past accomplishments and take pride in past successes.
  • Make use of positive affirmations. Keep them short and believable.

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