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To improve your self-talk, keep a thought journal


Keeping a thought journal is not that usual, but it can be very useful to engage in such an activity. Why? Because this way you will be able to see and identify your predominant thinking patterns. Keeping a thought journal will allow you to figure out what it is that triggers your negative self-talk, and you will be able to prevent it from happening in the future. Here’s how to keep a thought journal:

  1. Whenever you notice a thought, write it down. Is it a positive or a negative one?
  2. Can you identify what made you think that thought? What were you doing at the time the thought arose in your mind? Write it down.
  3. Keep writing your thoughts down for the period of several days.
  4. Look for common patterns. You should be able to easily find them.
  5. Make conclusions! Now that you’ve identified what triggers your positive as well as negative self-talk, start making changes in your thinking patterns. Begin triggering your positive self-talk on purpose. Do that as often as you can. Ultimately, you should be able to correct your thinking patterns and, by doing so, improve your self-talk.

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