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Ten affirmations to deal with fear and become braver


Here are ten positive affirmations to help you deal with fear and become braver:

  1. Today, I push fear away and act bravely!
  2. I become braver and braver with each day that passes!
  3. Today, I am strong and bold, and my fears cannot stop me or scare me!
  4. Each day, I take action, and each day, I make fear lose its powers!
  5. I find out whatever it is that scares me, and I do it on purpose!
  6. Each day, I create my mental muscles and do the things that scare me!
  7. I am stronger than my fears, and I am bolder!
  8. The more bravely I act, the more courageous I feel!
  9. I have in me enough inner strength to face the daily battles with fear and win!
  10. Today, I choose to act despite fear, and interestingly enough, fear disappears in the face of me taking action!

    source: affirmations.online

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