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Six affirmations for a positive outlook on life


Noticing the positive aspects of our lives is a key contributor to our happiness and well-being. Here are six affirmations that will help you develop and maintain a positive outlook on life:

  1. I am such a positive thinker that I notice only the good things about myself and my life!
  2. The more positive I am about my life and circumstances, the more they improve!
  3. Each day, a wonderful life reveals to me, and I am grateful!
  4. I focus only on the positive things about my life and, as a result of that, they expand!
  5. Each day is the best day for me! I am happy each day! I am joyous each day!
  6. Good things happen to me daily, and I take my time to feel joyous and grateful about them!

    source: affirmations.online

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