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Four quick tips on how to shutter negativity


Negativity is a common companion of ours, whether we want it or not. In order for our self-talk to not be affected by negativity, we must be prepared and know how to shutter all the negative thoughts that would emerge in our heads. Here’s how to do that in four simple steps:

Steps to follow:

  1. Beware of your thoughts  – You should always be aware of the thinking process that goes on in your head. This gives you the advantage of knowing when negative thoughts enter your head.
  2. Once a negative thought is noticed, replace it ASAP with a positive one. It doesn’t matter what the positive thought is, as long as it is positive, it will do.
  3. Stay focused on that one positive thought you just picked.
  4. Repeat the steps, from 1 to 3, for as long as needed until the negative thoughts disappear.

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