Daily Coping Thoughts

Four coping thoughts to help you overcome fear and live life to the fullest


Having positive and encouraging self-talk is a great tool we can all use in the daily battles with fear. Here are four coping thoughts to help you overcome your fears and live your life to the fullest:

  1. Fear has no power over me! I am strong; I am bold! Fear cannot overtake my life!
  2. I do not allow fear to control my life! Fear is an illusion. I am determined to go for my desires despite being fearful!
  3. What can fear actually do? Besides stop me from taking action? Fear can do nothing without my permission, and I do not allow it to paralyze me and stop me from living my life!
  4. Fear disappears in the face of me taking action! Fear is powerless; I am powerful! I choose to live my life bravely and to not let fear take the decisions! I am stronger than fear! I can make it! I can last! I can endure!

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