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For better self-talk, control your inner critic


To maintain positive, encouraging and productive self-talk, it is very important to be aware of our inner critic and control it. Too often our internal monologue becomes so critical and negative that it stops us from pursuing our goals, paralyzes us and even makes us feel ashamed of ourselves. Therefore, learning how to respond to our inner critic is very important. For the purposes of maintaining our self-esteem and overall feelings of self-worth high, we should learn to control our inner critic by identifying it, challenging it and replacing the negative thoughts that it produces with positive ones. Below are the steps to take:

  1. Be aware of your self-talk so that you can quickly recognize and identify your inner critic.
  2. Once identified, question the judgements of your inner critic and challenge the negative statements.
  3. Replace the harsh conclusions that your inner critic makes with positive, encouraging, motivating ones.
  4. Do this each time you notice your inner critic in action. That way you will be able to control it, have better self-talk and thus, a better life.

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