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Five quick tips to get worry out of your life


Do you have the habit of worrying a lot? Do you wake up worried, or go to bed worried? If the answer is ‘yes’, then read these five quick tips on how to deal with worry:

  1. Try to relax. Worry is a useless habit, it only wastes your energy, drives you crazy, and most importantly, it does nothing to improve the situation you are worried about.
  2. Distract yourself. Think about something else, go out with friends, have a bath, etc.
  3. Do not encourage worry by giving it too much attention. Simply, ignore it!
  4. Start positive self-talk. Say to yourself: “I am worried now – OK, so what? This will soon pass. Worry is a bad habit. I am not paying attention to it. It will soon pass. Is there something useful that I can do now? What one thing can I do now in order to improve the situation that worries me? “
  5. Take action! If there is anything you can do to decrease your worry and improve the situation that worries you, then go for it! Take massive action, this will make your worry go away.

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