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Five coping thoughts to help you stop the feelings of self-pity


Sometimes, feelings of self-pity overtake us, and we start feeling sorry for ourselves. This whole process is very exhausting and causes us to feel sad and low. Our negative self-talk, the one that goes with these feelings, further encourages the development of a victim mentality and causes us to lose our self-esteem along the way. Therefore, it is crucial to stop it and replace it with positive, encouraging self-talk. Here are five coping thoughts to help you do this:

  • The thoughts that I now think are useless. I realize that. I now choose to give myself time to relax.
  • I am not all these terrible things that I think now! My life is not that terrible also!
  • This always happens. It happens every time I feel feelings of self-pity. This time, I will not fall for it! This time, I choose to be strong! I choose to act in a different way!
  • I now choose to not pay attention to the negative self-talk that goes on in my head. So what if I think those self-pity thoughts? They are just thoughts after all! They are not facts!
  • Instead of thinking bad about myself and my life, I now choose to have positive self-talk. I choose to feel good, I choose to feel worthy! I now allow positive, nourishing, encouraging self-talk to start. I am capable of shifting my mood, and I choose to do it now!


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