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Be grateful and happy for your bad moods


It might sound weird at first, but tough times are the ones that make us strong, that make us grow, that make us want to change. Usually, there comes a point in our lives when we cannot stand a certain situation anymore. We are so fed up with it and with all the negative emotions that it brings, that we suddenly decide to change it and change ourselves too. What a wonderful thing to do – to change! And it all starts with feeling sad and unhappy.

Quick tips:

  1. When sad, examine your feelings. Just stay with them and observe them.
  2. There will ultimately come a time when you would feel fed up with all this negativity. This is the perfect time to make a decision for a change.
  3. Change your situation, the circumstances you are in, change yourself, i.e. change whatever you can in order to feel good and retrieve your positive state of mind.
  4. Be grateful! If it weren’t for your bad moods and negative emotions, you wouldn’t have made the needed steps for a change.


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