• Daily Affirmations

    Ten affirmations to deal with fear and become braver

    Here are ten positive affirmations to help you deal with fear and become braver: Today, I push fear away and act bravely! I become braver and braver with each day that passes! Today, I am strong and bold, and my fears cannot stop me or scare me! Each day, I take action, and each day, I make fear lose its powers! I find out whatever it is that scares me, and I do it on purpose! Each day, I create my mental muscles and do the things that scare me! I am stronger than my fears, and I am bolder! The more bravely I act, the more courageous I feel! I…

  • Quick Tips

    To improve your self-esteem, take charge of your thinking

    Our self-esteem is greatly influenced by our internal monologues. What we think about ourselves affects how we feel and what we do. It also has the power to shape our self-image in a positive or a negative way. In order to develop high self-esteem, we should speak kindly to ourselves and always choose helpful, encouraging and empowering self-talk. We should use positive statements when we speak about ourselves, reframe the negative ones and focus our attention on the positive qualities that we possess. Negative thinking can easily ruin our self-esteem if we are not careful enough, and therefore, we need to master our self-talk. To improve your self-esteem, take charge of your…

  • Daily Affirmations

    Three positive affirmations for a productive day

    If we want to be more productive during the day and have more things done, we should develop and nurture productive self-talk. Below are three positive affirmations to help us along the way: Each day is a productive day because I am productive and get things done with creativity and excellence! I allow myself to be as productive as possible; I am going to follow my plans and achieve my goals today! Productivity flows through me today; I am going to do my work in the best possible way, and I am going to get awesome results!

  • Quick Tips

    To be happier, love what you have and express gratitude

    Happiness comes with feeling grateful for our lives. By loving what we have and giving thanks for it, we are able to improve the overall quality of our lives. Expressing gratitude helps us feel happier, reduces stress and even has the power to improve our physical health. Quick tips! To be happier, love what you have and express gratitude. Focus on the abundance that already is present in your life and be thankful for it. Count your blessings as often as you can, and you will soon become more optimistic about your life, and your happiness will increase.  

  • Daily Coping Thoughts

    Four coping thoughts to help you overcome fear and live life to the fullest

    Having positive and encouraging self-talk is a great tool we can all use in the daily battles with fear. Here are four coping thoughts to help you overcome your fears and live your life to the fullest: Fear has no power over me! I am strong; I am bold! Fear cannot overtake my life! I do not allow fear to control my life! Fear is an illusion. I am determined to go for my desires despite being fearful! What can fear actually do? Besides stop me from taking action? Fear can do nothing without my permission, and I do not allow it to paralyze me and stop me from living my…

  • Quick Tips

    For better self-talk, deal with the wasteful thoughts

    When faced with a problem or a negative event, it is natural to start thinking wasteful thoughts. These are negative thoughts that arise from worry, guilt, anger, fear, shame, regrets, thinking about the past or the future. They directly affect our happiness and productivity, dragging our energy levels low and leaving us confused and stressed. In order to develop and maintain useful and productive self-talk, and since a great number of the thoughts we think daily are wasteful thoughts, it becomes important to adopt a positive attitude and stop wasteful thinking. Quick tip! For better self-talk, deal with the wasteful thoughts. Replace them with powerful thoughts and engage the mind in a…

  • Quick Tips

    To feel better, think better

    We feel the way we think. Happy thoughts make us feel happy, and sad thoughts make us feel sad. If we want to change the way we feel, all we have to do is change our thoughts. This, of course, may not be an easy thing to do, but it is worth the efforts. Learning to change the course of our thinking can have a great impact on our life, causing us to feel better, stronger, more capable, and motivating us to pursue our goals. Our thoughts influence our feelings, and therefore, it is vital to think helpful, positive, nourishing thoughts. Quick tip! To feel better, think better. If you want to…

  • Quick Tips

    For a more productive life, eliminate your excuses

    Too often we feel victims of our environments and have excuses ready for every circumstance. This is a bad habit that stops us from growing and reaching our goals, and therefore, it is crucial for us to get rid of it. If we want to have a better, more productive life, we should adjust our attitudes and eliminate all our excuses. Quick Tips! For a more productive life, eliminate your excuses. Each time you notice an excuse coming up, reframe it. You can do this by replacing the unhelpful self-talk, the one that produces excuses, with more useful and productive self-talk. You can also replace excuses with action. This will help you stay in charge of…

  • Daily Affirmations

    Six affirmations for a positive outlook on life

    Noticing the positive aspects of our lives is a key contributor to our happiness and well-being. Here are six affirmations that will help you develop and maintain a positive outlook on life: I am such a positive thinker that I notice only the good things about myself and my life! The more positive I am about my life and circumstances, the more they improve! Each day, a wonderful life reveals to me, and I am grateful! I focus only on the positive things about my life and, as a result of that, they expand! Each day is the best day for me! I am happy each day! I am joyous each…

  • Quick Tips

    For better self-talk, control your inner critic

    To maintain positive, encouraging and productive self-talk, it is very important to be aware of our inner critic and control it. Too often our internal monologue becomes so critical and negative that it stops us from pursuing our goals, paralyzes us and even makes us feel ashamed of ourselves. Therefore, learning how to respond to our inner critic is very important. For the purposes of maintaining our self-esteem and overall feelings of self-worth high, we should learn to control our inner critic by identifying it, challenging it and replacing the negative thoughts that it produces with positive ones. Below are the steps to take: Be aware of your self-talk so that…